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Company focus is on Forest and bioeconomy sector which offer increasing opportunities and will require a deeper involment from forest owners and the adoption of a more entrepreneurial approach.

Private forest ownership structure is changing, the generation gap between current forest owners and their heirs is becoming deeper than ever and this makes the passing of information from generation to generation more difficult. In the worst cases it may lead to fragmented forest areas and forest owners who do not know what to do with the property.

Fragmented structures make operational forest economy very difficult, reducing its profitability and valuation of forest as investment. Fortunately it has been found this situation can improve through the establishment of collective forests and the implementation of land consolidation schemes. The extension of these approaches to the ownership and exploitation can potentially result into more productive and profitable forests.

Unreachable forest owners and decision-making issues hamper the optimal collaboration that should exist between producers and buyers of wood forestry services. By increasing cooperation among actors in the network, it is possible to spread the information more efficiently


Company deliver tailor-made technological solutions to problems arising, and work in partnership with organizations in the field. A large part of our professional skills in the field will also be own experience; through the forest ownership and management. An important factor mentioned that the company owners have forest property, and they have been involved in the three-year joint forest (Yhteismetsä) establishment process August 2016.

We provide
  • Professional web and mobile tools
  • Location based applications and games
  • Educational applications and games
  • Digitalization and automation of manual processes
  • Standardisation support

October 2016 - Recruiting

Web talents!

Location: Oulu, Finland

We have open positions for open-minded developers, testing professionals and technical lead persons. If you feel comfortable with any or more of following terms: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ruby on rails, NodeJS, Python, R, ReactJS, React-Native, Redux, Cordova, jQuery, Java, Spring, Postgres, MongoDB, Docker, IoT, and want to raise your expertise to the next level and to plan and participate into cool projects for mobile and web, please apply! All app testing experience is highly appreciated.

Send application to careers (at)


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